Paper Towns, Paper Skin

-MacKenzie, 17, cutter, depressed, I love Christian music and books, Sherlock, hair dye, and I'm Catholic


Hans + saying the one thing he knows will break each sister

Gotta love how Disney has created one of the most realistic portrayals of a sociopath in recent history, and it’s actually damned terrifying.

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I now know what heart break feels like

When my parish sings the Latin verses of “Pange Lingua” that I’m not familiar with


And I’m trying to sing along like…


i sat behind this guy on a laptop in the school cafe and watched his completely straight face as he typed ROFL!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! he didnt even blink

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I stay alive for like 3 people lol

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having social anxiety is bad because you cant have any relationships with anyone without spending all of your time consumed with thoughts like “they all hate me, they all laugh at me, they all think i’m annoying, everyone hates me and they don’t care about me at all”

so don’t fucking go around acting like having anxiety in social situations is cool because its not and it fucking sucks 

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sometimes my laptop gets really hot and starts burning my leg but i fight through the pain because i am a blogging warrior

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